Jan Knoff Wedding Photography

Dear bride and groom,

it's one of the most important days in your live - your wedding day. Beautiful and expressive photographs will keep your memories alive. Remember the day while viewing at the pictures in a photo album or your send friends a link to your personal gallery on the internet.

Do not experiment. Rely on a professional with years of experience and a sound education.

Your, Jan Knoff (Dipl. photodesigner)

Wedding, Reception and Ceremony

A wedding is a lot of work in preparation for you. Are no doubt many questions in mind and would like someone who can tell you how everything is organized. We want to at least give the question of the photographer a safe and good feeling. We have followed many years of experience and almost any type of wedding photographs. For us, a complete documentation of the processes and is one of the guests as well as perfectly orchestrated bridal photos. A lot of experience in photojournalism and fashion photography to make it pay. I am happy to meet with you for a personal preliminary.

Hair, Makeup, Location, Catering, DJ?

We have over the years experienced a lot, seen a lot and learned a lot about successful parties, because we are always very close to it. We are happy to give them our experiences, because we want you to feel completely comfortable. Only way to produce the shots you want.